2012 Nourish Iowa Award


State of Iowa - Governor's Volunteer Award - 2013

Iowa Governor's Conference on Public Health - 2013

FoodCorps Community Partner Award - 2013

2016 Community Service Award from Des Moines Community     

Youth Concepts

2016 Sustainability Project of the Year Award from Des Moines

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An Iowa agricultural system that showcases the connection between healthy living and what we eat - shifting the paradigm to eating healthy, nutritious food, promoting financial resiliency, and living an energetic and sustainable life.

  • Healthy Food: grow nutritious food as an educational tool about agriculture and how it affects our bodies
  • Agriculture Entrepreneurs: develop beginning farmers from all walks of life in this new sector of small-scale innovative farming
  • Small Scale: showcase opportunities for agriculture production on small tracts of land and develop satellite sites around the nation
  • Resilience: provide clean and safe water for our crops and homes with innovative water management techniques

Dr. Ray and Susan Meylor


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